Ready to Reap the Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home?

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home?

Hire Blue Flame Propane to manage your alternative fuel source needs in Michigan

Ditch the usual fuel sources and choose a safer, more cost-effective alternative - propane. Propane, which is growing in popularity, can be used to heat your Michigan home and operate appliances such as your water heater and stove.

Whether you want to convert your home to propane or you need reliable delivery services, you'll find the help you're looking for at Blue Flame Propane in Richmond, or at any of our 10 locations. Since 1989, we've managed every aspect of propane use and delivery for residents, from propane system installation to appliance conversion and installation.

We offer multiple propane delivery plans so you'll never need to worry about refilling your tank again. We also offer a variety of other services including free tank painting and cleaning.

Don't go without the fuel you need for your Richmond home when you can get a constant supply from Blue Flame Propane. Schedule your fuel delivery services today by calling us at (586) 727-3315!

  • Courtesy Fill Service: Blue Flame Propane offers our Courtesy Fill Service to qualified customers. We schedule your deliveries based on your consumption of liquefied petroleum in relation to the average outside temperature. We calculate your deliveries to arrive when your tank gauge reads approximately 20%. When our driver finishes the delivery, the tank will be full and the gauge will read approximately 80%.

  • Will Call Service: Will Call deliveries occur only at the request of the customer. We urge all Will Call customers to call their local office when their gauge reads 20%. Our customer service representative will schedule your delivery on the designated delivery day for your route.
  • Residential Propane Services

    • System Gas Check: Take advantage of the System Gas Check performed by one of our specially trained technicians. You can ensure that your entire system is operating at peak condition, saving you money all year long.
    • Tank Sets: We provide tank sizes of 120, 250, 330, 500, and 1,000 gallons. We can also bury tanks for an underground tank system setup.
    • We repair, convert & install propane appliances.
    • Tank Painting and Cleaning: Keep your tank looking brand-new!
    • Propane Delivery: 200 gallon minimum.
    • We sell propane equipment: hot water heaters, propane space heaters, conversion kits, hoses, appliance regulators, gauges.